SHIMANO 105 R-SERIES Carbon Ceramic OSPW

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Designed by our French Engineers NOVA CARBONE Ceramic rear derailleur improves the fluidity of your transmission, enhance efficiency to satisfy the most demanding.

Made in very high-end materials: an ultra-light carbon fiber and ceramic bearings.
Two Oversized aluminum wheels, which coupled with ceramic bearings decrease the chain winding angle with minimal friction.


Weight : 72 g

Watt Saved : 4 - 5 W compared to a conventional cage.

International shipping.

Tools required :

For the installation of your new NOVA RIDE Oversized Pulley Wheel System, you will need the following tools:

1. Chain Tool

2. T10 Torx Screwdriver

3. Philips screwdriver no. 2

Follow this after installation: 

- Check standard setting of High and low limit screw of your derailleur when shifting upward and downward

- Set tension screw as explain below 

- Check or adjust derailleur indexing

Please note :  

You should use a new chain

We recommend a maximum 32T cassette for optimum gear change.

For a compatible upgrade with The NOVA OSPW System Ultegra 105 GS (medium cage), please check the tutorial video :