SHIMANO 105 R-SERIES Carbon Ceramic derailleur

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This product is composed of a carbon cage and two 7075 aluminum pulleys (14 & 17 teeth) with full ceramic sealed bearings.

Designed by our French Engineers NOVA CARBONE Ceramic rear derailleur improves the fluidity of your transmission, enhance efficiency to satisfy the most demanding.


Made in very high-end materials: an ultra-light carbon fiber and two Oversized aluminum wheels with ceramic sealed bearings.


Weight : 68 g

Watt Saved : 4 - 5 W compared to a conventional cage.

Please note

You should use a new chain

We recommend a maximum 32T cassette for optimum gear change.

In this version, the Oversize cage is only compatible with Shimano 105 rear derailleurs from the R7000 series.

For a compatible upgrade with the Nova Carbon Ceramic Derailleur Shimano 105 GS (medium cage), please check the tutorial video :


Our installation video tutorial :

Follow this after installation

- Check standard setting of High and low limit screw of your derailleur when shifting upward and downward

- Set tension screw

- Check or adjust derailleur indexing