Ceramic 11T Pulley Wheels

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This product is composed of two 11 teeth 7075 aluminum pulleys with full ceramic sealed bearings.


If you cannot find Nova Carbon Ceramic Derailleur that fit you current derailleur, theses Ceramic Pulley wheels are made for you !  Very easy to mount, and fit with lots of references.

Designed by our French Engineers these Nova Ceramic Pulley Wheels for rear derailleur improve the fluidity of your transmission, enhance efficiency to satisfy the most demanding.

Made in very high-end materials: 7075 Aluminium and full ceramic sealed bearings.


Weight : 11 g per pulley compared to standard pulley wheels

Watt saved : 4 - 5 W


Compatibility example

Compatible with SRAM & Shimano groups that have 11 and 12 tooth pulleys


How To Install Nova 11T Ceramic Pulleys on your bike : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzsA9yMOM-U